2000 Toyota Tacoma Rear Axle Shaft & Bearing Removal And Installation

Removal (Tacoma & 4Runner) 1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove rear wheel. Remove brake drum. Using a dial indicator, check axle shaft bearing side play and hub out of round. Maximum axle shaft bearing side play is .028″ (0.71 mm). Maximum hub axle shaft bearing out of round is .004″ (0.10 mm). Replace axle shaft bearing or axle shaft as necessary. 2. Remove ABS speed sensor (if equipped). Remove brake shoes from backing plate….

2000 Toyota Tacoma Power Door Locks Removal and Installation

…gh the instrument cluster ECU. The 4Runner is controlled through the body ECU, and the Sienna, Tundra, RAV4 and Tacoma are all controlled through the integration relay. Each system also consists of a door lock motor at each door, tailgate, liftgate and sliding door, a master door lock switch at driver’s door, which controls all other doors, tailgate, liftgate and sliding doors and a switch at each door, tailgate, liftgate and sliding doors….

2000 Toyota Tacoma Power Steering Gear (4Wd And Pre Runner) Removal And Installation

REMOVAL NOTICE: Remove the steering wheel assembly before the steering gear removal, because there is possibility of breaking of the spiral cable. 1. PLACE FRONT WHEELS FACING STRAIGHT AHEAD 2. REMOVE STEERING WHEEL PAD (See page SR–14) 3. REMOVE STEERING WHEEL (See page SR–14) 4. REMOVE ENGINE UNDER COVER Remove the 4 bolts and engine under cover. 5. DISCONNECT RH AND LH TIE ROD ENDS (See page SA–115) Download…

2000 Toyota Tacoma Manual Transmission Assembly Removal And Installation

DISASSEMBLY REMOVE BACK−UP LIGHT SWITCH Torque: 44 N·m (450 kgf·cm, 32 ft·lbf) 2. 2WD: REMOVE VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR Remove the bolt and vehicle speed sensor. Torque: 11 N·m (115 kgf·cm, 8 ft·lbf) 3. REMOVE CLUTCH HOUSING FROM TRANSMISSION CASE Remove the 9 bolts and clutch housing from the transmission case. Torque: 36 N·m (370 kgf·cm, 27 ft·lbf) 4. REMOVE CONTROL SHIFT LEVER RETAINER (a) Remove the 6 (2WD) or 4 (4WD) bolts. Torque: 18 N·m (185 k…

2000 Toyota Tacoma Cylinder Block Removal And Instllation

REASSEMBLY HINT: S S Thoroughly clean all parts to be assembled. Before installing the parts, apply fresh engine oil to all slid- ing and rotation surfaces. Replace all gaskets, O-rings and oil seals with new parts. S 1. (a) (b) (c) ASSEMBLE PISTON AND CONNECTING ROD Install a new snap ring on one side of the piston pin hole. Gradually heat the piston to 80 – 90°C (176 – 194°F). Coat the piston pin with engine oil. (d) Align the fron…