2002 Ford Explorer Parking Brake Shoes Removal and Installation

…t damage to the brake hose, do not allow the disc brake caliper to hang suspended from the hose. Remove the disc brake caliper. 1. Remove the two bolts and lift the disc brake caliper and brake pads off the brake disc. Using mechanics wire, position the disc brake caliper aside. 2. Remove the brake disc. Download Related Entry: ouku installation manual , how do i disconnect the emmergency braek on a 2004 ford explorer , 2004 F150 parking Brake

2003-2004 Ford F-150 Parking Brake Removal and Installation

…s, remove the rear brake disc. For additional information, refer to Rear Disc Brake. 3. If installing a new rear parking brake backing plate, remove the rear axle shaft. For additional information, refer to Section 205-00. 4. Remove the parts in the order indicated in the following illustration and table. Download Related Entry: 2004 ford f-150 brake diagram , 2005 f 250 back parking brakes you a tube , diagram of rear brakes on a 2004 f150 , r…

2004 Ford Excursion Parking Brake and Actuation REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION

…signs. Only technicians performing brake or clutch repair are to be present in the area. 1. Remove the rear disc brake rotor. For additional information, refer to Section 206-04. 2. Disconnect the rear parking brake cable at the parking brake intermediate cable (2A793). Download Related Entry: adjust parking brake cable 2004 f-250 , 02 Avaalnche intermediate parking brake cable , 02 Avalanche parking brake intermediate cable , 02 ford explorer p…

2004 SCION xB PARKING BRAKE SYSTEM Removal and Installation

…9 clicks at 196 N (20 kgf, 44.1 lbf) 4. (a) Wire Adjusting Nut No.1 C57983 5. (a) (b) (c) (d) (e) F46069 ADJUST PARKING BRAKE LEVER TRAVEL Remove the console box hole cover. Remove the console box carpet. Remove the console box assy rear. Turn the wire adjusting nut No.1 until the lever travel be- comes correct. Tighten the lock nut. Torque: 5.4N⋅m (55kgf⋅cm, 48 in.⋅lbf) Download Related Entry: 2004fordf150 fx4 parking brake diagram

2004 SCION xB Rear Brake Removal And Installation

…driver, compress the brake shoe ad- juster by turning the adjusting wheel. G22938 Contract F46070 5. (a) INSPECT BRAKE DRUM INSIDE DIAMETER Using a brake drum gauge or an equivalent, measure the inside diameter of the drum. Standard inside diameter: 200.0 mm (7.874 in.) Maximum inside diameter: 201.0 mm (7.913 in.) Download Related Entry: 2004 cobalt rear brake assembly , 2007 chevy cobalt rear brake install diagram , 2005 shevy cobaltdrum brake