Toyota RAV4 Water Pump Removal And Installation

INSPECTION 1. INSPECT WATER PUMP ASSEMBLY (a) Visually check the drain hole for coolant leakage. If leakage is found, replace the water pump assembly. (b) Turn the pulley, and then check that the water pump bearing moves smoothly without making a clicking noise. If it does not move smoothly, replace the water pump assembly. Download

1995 Toyota Previa Fuel System Pressure Release Removal and Installation

…en removing fuel pump. Disassembly & Reassembly 1) Disconnect wiring harness from fuel pump mounting bracket. See Fig. 10. Remove screws and fuel gauge sending unit from fuel pump mounting bracket. 2) Pull bottom of fuel pump from fuel pump mounting bracket. Remove rubber cushion from bottom of fuel pump. Disconnect electrical connector at fuel pump. Disconnect fuel hose at top of fuel pump. Remove fuel pump from fuel pump mounting bracket….

2004 SCION xB Water Pump Assy Removal And Installation

…. 2. 3. 4. DRAIN ENGINE COOLANT (See page 16–7) REMOVE ENGINE UNDER COVER RH (See page 19–3) REMOVE FAN AND GENERATOR V BELT (See page 14–5) REMOVE ENGINE MOUNTING INSULATOR SUB–ASSY RH (See page 14–68) 5. (a) (b) SST REMOVE WATER PUMP PULLEY Using SST, hold the pump pulley. Remove the 3 bolts and pump pulley. SST 09960–10010 (09962–01000, 09963–00600) B09370 6. (a) (b) REMOVE WATER PUMP ASSY Remove the 3 bolts and 2 nuts. Remove the water pump…

1989 Toyota 4Runner Water Pump Removal and Installation

WATER PUMP & THERMOSTAT R & I Removal 1) Drain cooling system. Remove timing belt. See TIMING BELT under CAMSHAFT in this article. Remove No. 1 idler pulley. See Fig. 1. Remove radiator hose at thermostat housing. 2) Remove coolant inlet, gasket and thermostat. Remove water pump bolts and water pump. Download

2004 – 2007 Toyota Prius Hv Water Pump Replacement

…Remove the 3 bolts and the No. 2 inverter bracket. NOTE: There are 2 different bolt types (A & B) used to secure the No. 2 inverter bracket. 4. REMOVE THE HV WATER PUMP ASSEMBLY a) Place an alignment mark locating the HV water pump rib on the 2 hoses. b) Disconnect the 2 hoses by loosening the 2 clamps. NOTE: The alignment mark is used to prevent twisting of the hoses during reinstallation. c) Remove the nut, bolt and bracket. d) Remove the…