1996 Bronco/F-Series Engine Front Cover Removal and Installation

…e (14301). Drain crankcase. 2. Drain cooling system. Refer to Section 03-03. 3. Remove drive belts (8620). Refer to Section 03-05. 4. Remove bolts attaching fan shroud (8146) to radiator (8005). 5. Remove fan blade (8600) from fan clutch (8A616) and remove fan shroud. 6. Remove fan clutch and water pump pulley (8509) from water pump (8501). 7. Disconnect upper radiator hose (8260) and lower radiator hose (8286) at engine (6007). Disconnect transm…

1995 Volvo 850 Automatic Transmission Removal and Installation

…ackets. Unhook brackets and allow them to hang free. Remove Torx screws and plastic nuts from left fender liner. Remove hub center nut locking clip. Remove hub center nut. Using a rubber or plastic mallet, knock in end of drive shaft about 1/2″. Download Related Entry: 2003 ford escape transmission removal , transmission removal on a 2001 lexus is 300 , removing a 1999 4runner transmission , how to change transmission fluid in 2003 hyundai…


…clamp on control system cover. Remove clamp from transmission ventilation hose. 3) Remove inlet hose from upper transmission cooler quick connector and return hose at transmission. Drain oil from transmission. Remove dipstick tube. Remove EGR hoses from EGR valve. Remove 5 transmission-to-engine and transmission-to-starter bolts. Disconnect ground wire from transmission. Lift radiator expansion tank from its mount and lay it to one side. 4) Disc…

2000 Toyota Tacoma Manual Transmission Assembly Removal And Installation

…olts. Torque: 18 N·m (185 kgf·cm, 13 ft·lbf) (b) Remove the retainer and gasket (2WD) or oil deflector (4WD). 5. REMOVE 2 RESTRICT PINS Torque: 37 N·m (380 kgf·cm, 27 ft·lbf) 1. Download Related Entry: toyota Tacoma transmission removal , removing a manual transmission in a 2003 toyota tacoma , removing manual trans from transaxel toyota tacoma , remove 2003 tacoma transmission pan , how to remove a 2000 toyota tacoma truck transmishin , how to

2000-2001 Chevrolet S10 Pickup AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS Removal & Installation

…ces for reassembly reference. NOTE: DO NOT stretch or damage any cables, wires or other components when lowering transmission. Download Related Entry: 2002 s10 transmission removal , 2000 S10 Automatic Transmission pan leak , easiest way to remove a transmission from a 2000 s10 , 2001 Chevy S10 Transmission Removal , automatic transmission removal 2001 chevy s10 , 2000 s10 chevy truck how 2 remove trans , emoving transmission 2000 s10 2 2 , how