1999-2003 Ford Expedition Cylinder Head Removal and Installation

…he high pressure oil feed (HPOF) area. It is triangular in shape and is found in the rear of the passenger side cylinder head, or, in the front of the drivers side cylinder head (Figures 1 and 2). Required for service are: • A straightedge (machine flatness toleranced to 0.0002″ per foot in length) (available from Snap-On or as provided by Ford Motor Company) • Motorcraft Silicone Gasket Remover (ZC-30) • Metal Surface Prep (ZC-31) • Service-only

2000-2005 Ford Service Tips for Cylinder Head Removal and Installation

Refer to the current Workshop Manual procedure for Removal & Installation of the cylinder heads on a 6.0L DIT engine. Engine removal is not required. Note: On Econoline, engine removal IS necessary. Refer to current Workshop Manual procedure. *Removal of LH cylinder head assembly Note: Lower rear bolt is retained in place and removed together with the cylinder head assembly. CAUTION: Make sure the insulation blanket is not damaged (torn, cra…

1988-1995 Toyota 4Runner Cylinder Head Removal and Installation

Procedure The Cylinder head bolts are tightened in three progressive steps: 1. Install cylinder head a. Place a new cylinder head gasket on the engine block and install cylinder head. b. Apply a light coat of engine oil on the threads and washer face of the cylinder head bolts. c. Install the plate washer to the cylinder head bolt. d. Using a 12–point socket, install and uniformly tighten the (8) 12–point bolts in several passes, in the sequence…

2000 Jaguar S-Type Cylinder Head Gasket Removal And Installation

1. Install a new cylinder head gasket to the cylinder block face. 2. Install the cylinder head. 3. Install the cylinder head bolts, do not fully tighten.Stage 1 – tighten bolts in sequence, to 20 Nm.5. Stage 2 – tighten bolts in sequence, to 35 Nm.6. Stage 3 – tighten bolts in sequence by 90° .7. Stage 4 – tighten all M10 bolts in sequence by 90° . Download Related Entry: head gasket sets for 2001 jaguar s type 4 0 , what…

2006-2011 Cadillac CTS Cylinder Head Removal and Installation

…bricant included in EN 46122 – remover/installer. Tap drilled out portion of check valve (1) remaining in cylinder head. Tap to full depth possible until tap bottoms out in head. 5.Assemble bolt, nut, washers, and collar EN 46122-2 (1) as shown. Position the collar with slightly-larger inside diameter DOWN toward the cylinder head. Download Related Entry: 2004 kia 2 7 cylinder head removal , how to remove ignition cylinder cadillac cts 2003