2004 SCION xB Water Pump Assy Removal And Installation

…V BELT (See page 14–5) REMOVE ENGINE MOUNTING INSULATOR SUB–ASSY RH (See page 14–68) 5. (a) (b) SST REMOVE WATER PUMP PULLEY Using SST, hold the pump pulley. Remove the 3 bolts and pump pulley. SST 09960–10010 (09962–01000, 09963–00600) B09370 6. (a) (b) REMOVE WATER PUMP ASSY Remove the 3 bolts and 2 nuts. Remove the water pump and gasket. B09338 7. (a) INSTALL WATER PUMP ASSY Install the water pump and a new gasket with the 3 bolts and 2 nuts….

2004 Mazda 6 Water Pump Drive Belt Removal and Installation

1. Verify that the water pump drive belt auto tensioner indicator mark does not exceeds the limit.  If it exceeds the limit, replace the water pump drive belt. (See WATER PUMP DRIVE BELT .)WATER PUMP DRIVE BELT 1. Remove the plug hole plate. 2. Rotate the water pump drive belt auto tensioner counterclockwise to release the drive belt tension and remove the water pump drive belt. Download

2004 Hyundai Accent Timing Belt Removal and Installation

1. Lift vehicle using a jack. Remove engine support bracket, if necessary. Loosen, but do not remove water pump pulley bolts. Remove all accessory drive belts. Remove pulleys from crankshaft and water pump. CAUTION: DO NOT rotate engine counterclockwise. If reusing timing belt, place reference mark on timing belt to indicate direction of rotation before removal. 2. Remove timing belt covers and gaskets, noting bolt length and location. Rotate cr…

1996 Bronco/F-Series Engine Front Cover Removal and Installation

…3) from power steering pump (3A674). 14. Remove power steering lines from power steering pump. Remove four bolts attaching power steering pump to A/C compressor mounting bracket (2882) and remove power steering pump from A/C compressor mounting bracket. 15. Remove four bolts attaching A/C compressor (19703) to A/C compressor mounting bracket. Remove four bolts and one nut attaching A/C compressor mounting bracket to cylinder head and water pump….

2005 Chevrolet S10 Blazer Water Pump REMOVAL & INSTALLATION

LATION 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Drain the engine cooling system. 3. Relieve the belt tension and remove the accessory drive belts or the serpentine drive belt, as applicable. 4. Remove or disconnect the follow- ing: • Upper fan shroud • Fan or fan and clutch assembly, as applicableWater pump pulley • Coolant hose(s) from the water pump ➦For the hoses on some engines, removal may be easier if the hose is left attached until…