2003 Chevrolet S10 Pickup FUEL PUMP Removal and installation

Removal CAUTION: Use safety glasses when using compressed air to prevent eye injury. NOTE: NOTE: DO NOT handle the fuel sending unit assembly by the fuel pipes. The amount of leverage generated by handling the fuel sending unit assembly by the fuel pipes could damage the joints. On Sonoma and S10 Pickup standard cab models, it may be necessary to lift or remove truck bed for access to top of fuel tank. Fuel pump is located in fuel tank and is in…

2001–2005 Highlander Fuel Injector Ticking” Noise (V6)

…stic tester on. E. Select “1. Diagnosison the diagnostic tester. F. Select “2. Enhanced obd ii.” G. Select “3. Active test.” H. Select “fuel pump/spd.” I. Turn on the fuel pump with active test by pressing the right arrow on the Diagnostic tester. J. Check for fuel leaks. K. Check and clear any dtcs that may have been set while performing the repair. 6. Once confirmed that no leaks are present, take the vehicle on a test drive to ensure That an

Toyota 2ZZ-GE Engine Fuel Rail Installation Instructions

Removing factory fuel rail To relieve fuel pressure, the fuel pump must be temporarily Disabled. On the lotus elise/exige, pull the no. R1 20a fuse (06’ model Shown). The 4-position relay holders are located at the front Left of the engine compartment on the cabin bulkhead. On 2zzge equipped toyota models, remove the c/opn relay. This relay is located in the engine bay near the left strut Mount. Next, start the engine and allow it to stall. Then…

2009 Chevrolet Camaro Fuel Pump Service

…will be ruined • Use the illustrated pigtail search feature on www.acdelcotechconnect.com when replacing a fuel pump connector • Low fuel level in the fuel tank can shorten fuel pump life. Inform the customer that fuel level affects the life of the fuel pump (gasoline is used for both cooling and lubrication), and fuel with an octane rating specified in the vehicle owner manual should be used. Download Related Entry: how to change a fuel pump o…

2005 Chevy Truck Silverado Fuel Pump Relay Removal and Installation

The Fuel Pump Relay is located on the Fuse Block – Underhood Bracket. The Fuse Block – Underhood is located on the left side of the engine compartment to the rear of the battery. NOTE: This is the secondary fuel pump relay used for vehicles with dual tanks only. This vehicle does not use a primary fuel pump relay. Download Related Entry: 2005 mazda 3 power steering pump relay location , location of fuel pump on 2005 scion tc , what