2001 – 2003 Highlander Right Rear Axle Squeak Noise Repair Procedure (4WD)

…pression spring (see page 33–17). 11. Remove parking brake shoe strut rh (see page 33–17). 12. Remove parking brake shoe (see page 33–17). 13. Separate parking brake cable assembly no.3 (see page 33–17).14. Remove axle assembly rr rh Remove the 2 bolts, nuts and the rear Axle from shock absorber. 15. Remove rear axle shaft rh Oil seal. Using the sst below, remove the oil Seal (inner side). Sst 09308–00010 Note: If the oil seal comes off together

2005 Toyota Highlander Rear Door Repair Manual (RM1144U)

installation Procedures requiring additional information are included. Use the same procedures for the rh side and lh side. The procedures listed below are for the lh side.  A bolt without a torque specification is shown in the standard bolt chart (see page 03-2 ). 1. Remove door pull handle (a) using a screwdriver, disengage the 2 clips and remove the door pull handle. Hint: tape the screwdriver tip before use. 2. Remove rear door inside handle

1995 Toyota Previa Supercharger Removal and Installation

…1 air tube from No. 1 air outlet duct. Remove bolts and No. 1 intake air connector bracket. Remove supercharger-to-equipment drive housing bolts/nuts. 9) Remove No. 1 air outlet duct-to-supercharger nuts. Separate supercharger and No. 1 air outlet duct, and remove gasket. Remove supercharger and No. 1 air outlet duct. Disassembly 1) Remove magnetic plug from rear cover and drain supercharger oil. See Fig. 16. Using spanner wrench, hold clutch hub

2000 Toyota Tacoma Rear Axle Shaft & Bearing Removal And Installation

Removal (Tacoma & 4Runner) 1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove rear wheel. Remove brake drum. Using a dial indicator, check axle shaft bearing side play and hub out of round. Maximum axle shaft bearing side play is .028″ (0.71 mm). Maximum hub axle shaft bearing out of round is .004″ (0.10 mm). Replace axle shaft bearing or axle shaft as necessary. 2. Remove ABS speed sensor (if equipped). Remove brake shoes from backing plate….

2005 Toyota Highlander Front Door Repair Manual (RM1144U)

…(a) remove the clip and screw. (b) using a screwdriver, disengage the 7 clips and remove The trim board. Hint: Tape the screwdriver tip before use. 6. Remove front door inside handle sub-assy Lh (a) remove the bolt and inside handle. (b) disconnect the 2 cables from the door lock. 7. Remove front door service hole cover lh 8. Remove front no. 2 speaker assy (a) disconnect the connector. (b) remove the bolt and speaker. 9. Remove outer rear view m…