2001 – 2003 Highlander Right Rear Axle Squeak Noise Repair Procedure (4WD)

…djust parking brake pedal travel (see page 33–2). 38. Check parking brake pedal travel (see page 33–2). 39. Install rear wheel. Torque: 103 n40. Inspect rear wheel alignment (see page 27–4). 41. Check abs speed sensor signal (see page 05–317). M (592 kgf M (194 kgf Cm, 43 ft Lbf) Cm, 14 ft Lbf) M (1,050 kgf Cm, 76 ft Lbf)   Download Related Entry: how to replace rear main old seal in a kia picanto , 04 expedition rear hub removal , 2005 for…

2005 Toyota Highlander Rear Door Repair Manual (RM1144U)

installation Procedures requiring additional information are included. Use the same procedures for the rh side and lh side. The procedures listed below are for the lh side.  A bolt without a torque specification is shown in the standard bolt chart (see page 03-2 ). 1. Remove door pull handle (a) using a screwdriver, disengage the 2 clips and remove the door pull handle. Hint: tape the screwdriver tip before use. 2. Remove rear door inside handl

2000 Toyota Tacoma Rear Axle Shaft & Bearing Removal And Installation

Removal (Tacoma & 4Runner) 1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove rear wheel. Remove brake drum. Using a dial indicator, check axle shaft bearing side play and hub out of round. Maximum axle shaft bearing side play is .028″ (0.71 mm). Maximum hub axle shaft bearing out of round is .004″ (0.10 mm). Replace axle shaft bearing or axle shaft as necessary. 2. Remove ABS speed sensor (if equipped). Remove brake shoes from backing plate….

2005 Toyota Highlander Front Door Repair Manual (RM1144U)

…check the sealingCondition. 25. Install outer rear view mirror assy lh (a) install the mirror with the 3 bolts. Torque: 8.0 n⋅m (82 kgf⋅cm, 71 in.⋅lbf)   Download Related Entry: 2007 ford explorer blend door replacement , 2005 hyundai elantra transmission removal , yhs-ddc_bd , how remove taurus rear regulator , how to remove cylinder head gasket of ford escape 2004 , 2002 s10 transmission removal , how to remove the radiator from a 1997 to

2001 Ford F-350 Rear Full Floating Axle Removal and Installation

Removal All vehicles 1. Remove the tire and wheel assembly. Zoom Sized for Print 2. Remove the anchor plate.3. Remove the axle shaft.4. NOTE: Make sure that the drive tangs on the special tool engage the four slots of the hub nut. Using the special tool, remove the hub nut.5. Using a suitable socket, remove the hub nut.All vehicles 6. Remove the outer rear wheel bearing. 7. Remove the rear hub and brake disc assembly. Download