1988-1995 Toyota 4Runner Cylinder Head Removal and Installation

Procedure The Cylinder head bolts are tightened in three progressive steps: 1. Install cylinder head a. Place a new cylinder head gasket on the engine block and install cylinder head. b. Apply a light coat of engine oil on the threads and washer face of the cylinder head bolts. c. Install the plate washer to the cylinder head bolt. d. Using a 12–point socket, install and uniformly tighten the (8) 12–point bolts in several passes, in the sequence…

2003-2007 Toyota 4Runner Oil Leak From Front Timing Cover Removal and Installation

Introduction Some 2003 – 2007 model year 4Runner vehicles with 1GR–FE engines may display evidence of a small oil leak located where the Bank 1 cylinder head, engine block, and timing cover meet. Use the following repair procedure to address this condition. Applicable Vehicles S 2003 – 2007 model year 4Runner vehicles equipped with the 1GR–FE engine and produced BEFORE the Production Change Effective VINs shown below. Download

1995 Toyota 4Runner Power Windows Removal and Installation

DESCRIPTION & OPERATION System components consist of a power window relay, power window switches and power window motors for each door. With ignition switch in ON position, battery voltage is supplied through power window relay to power window switches. Power window switch supplies power and ground for power window motors. 4Runner also has a power window switch and lock switch for the tailgate door. Driver’s side power window switch offers o…

1995 Toyota 4Runner Starter Removal and Installation

DESCRIPTION & OPERATION 4Runner uses Nippondenso 4-brush, solenoid-actuated, reduction gear type starters, equipped with over-running clutches. The brush holder assembly retains 4 brushes and springs in the starter housing. Reduction gear type starters contain an integral solenoid attached to drive housing, a reduction idler gear and bearing installed into starter housing, and a clutch drive assembly. The clutch drive assembly is mounted to

2002 TOYOTA 4RUNNER Valve Body Assembly Removal and installation

CAUTION: When working with FIPG material, you must observe the following items. S Using a razor blade and a gasket scraper, remove all old FIPG material from the gasket surfaces. S Thoroughly clean all components to remove all loose material. S Clean both sealing surfaces with a non-residue sol- vent. S Apply FIPG in an approx. 1 mm (0.04 in.) wide bead along the sealing surface. S Parts must be assembled within 10 minutes of ap- plication. Othe…