2005 SCION tC Parking Brake Assy Removal and Installation

1. REMOVE REAR WHEEL 2. DISCONNECT REAR DISC BRAKE CALIPER ASSY LH (SEE PAGE 32–29) 3. REMOVE REAR DISC (a) Release the parking brake, and remove the rear disc. HINT: S Put matchmarks on the disc and the axle hub. S If the disc cannot be removed easily, turn the shoe adjust- er until the wheel turns freely. Contract F45710 4. (a) INSPECT BRAKE DISC INSIDE DIAMETER Using a brake drum gauge or equivalent, measure the in- side diameter of the disc….

2001 Chevrolet Suburban C1500 Rear Brake Caliper Removal & Installation

NOTE: For rear disc pad removal and installation, DO NOT disconnect brake hose from caliper (wire aside). Replace all pads on an axle if wear indicator on any pad contacts rotor or if pad is worn to within .03″ (.8 mm) of pad backing. Removal (“A”, “B”, “C”, “K” & “U” Series) 1. Remove 2/3 of brake fluid from master cylinder reservoir. Raise and support vehicle. Remove wheel….

Ford F-650 Brake System Removal and installation

The braking system is a front to rear split hydraulic system; refer to Section 206-06. The front wheel brakes utilize a dual piston brake caliper and disc brake system; refer to Section 206-03. The rear brakes utilize a dual piston brake caliper and disc brake system; refer to Section 206-04. The parking brake system, except for Motorhome, is a mechanical system that activates a shoe- and-drum system within the rear disc brake rotor (2C026); ref…

Jaguar Xj6 & Xjs Brakes Removal and Installation

DESCRIPTION Brake system is 4-wheel disc brakes with tandem master cylinder and power brake unit. Front calipers are 4-piston type and rear calipers are 2-piston type. A combination valve is used to indicate a pressure difference between brake circuits (front and rear). Parking brake is cable-actuated on rear calipers. consisting of independent, disc-mounted pads that act on rotor. ADJUSTMENT PARKING BRAKE Parking Brake Caliper Caliper is seIf­a…

2003-2004 Ford F-150 Parking Brake Removal and Installation

1. If removing the rear brake cables, remove the rear wheel and tire assembly. For additional information, refer to Section 100-04. 2. If installing new parking brake shoes, remove the rear brake disc. For additional information, refer to Rear Disc Brake. 3. If installing a new rear parking brake backing plate, remove the rear axle shaft. For additional information, refer to Section 205-00. 4. Remove the parts in the order indicated in the follo…