2009 – 2010 Toyota Matrix Brief Engine Knock/Rattle Noise at Cold Startup

Repair Procedure Confirm the customer complaint. See attached video for an example of the engine knock/rattle noise: Engine Knock/Rattle Noise Example 1. If a knock/rattle noise is present, replace the camshaft timing gear assembly. HINT This repair is simplified by performing the following: • DO NOT remove the engine — complete the repair in the vehicle. • Set No. 1 cylinder to TDC/compression. • DO NOT remove the timing cover or camshaft housing sub-assembly. • Loosen and remove all camshaft bearing caps. Remove the No. 1 camshaft bearing cap and No. 2 timing chain vibration damper as an assembly — DO NOT separate. • Remove the intake camshaft with the camshaft gear intact and tie the timing chain to keep tension on the crankshaft timing gear, avoiding separation. • Ensure the new camshaft gear is unlocked (advanced position) prior to installation and lock the gear (fully retarded position) AFTER tightening to proper torque.


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